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19th Century

Early 19th Century engraving of local entertainer Billy Purvis<p>
Early 19th Century engraving of local entertainer Billy Purvis

19th century song sheets held at Durham University; A collection of broadsheets on various subjects, from Durham University Library

Adams, T.W.:
Songs and sketches by T.W. Adams (1883)

Anderson, David
Musings by the burns and braes of Liddesdale (A collection of songs and poems by David Anderson and others - 1868)

Anderson, James (b.1825):
Collection of Blyth and Tyneside poems and songs (1898 circa)

Anderson, Robert (b.1770 d.1833):
Anderson's Cumberland ballads, carefully compiled from the author's ms.; containing above one hundred pieces never before published, with a memoir of his life ... [etc.] (1800-1830 )

Anderson, Robert (b.1770 d.1833):
Poetical works of Robert Anderson, author of 'Cumberland ballads,' etc.; to which is prefixed the life of the author, written by himself ... [etc.] (1820)

Anonymous 19th century tune book: 19th century tune book collected by W.A. Cocks.

Anonymous manuscript tune book (1800-1840)

Armstrong, James:
Wanny blossoms; a book of song, with a brief treatise on fishing with the fly, worm, minnow, and roe; sketches of border life, and fox and otter hunting (1879)

Armstrong, Thomas (b.1848 d.1919):
Song book containing 25 popular songs of the late Thomas Armstrong. (copyright 1930)

Balfour, Manie Clothilde:
Examples of printed folk-lore concerning Northumberland collected by M.C. Balfour and edited by Northcote W. Thomas

Barrass, Alexander (b.1856 d.1929):
Pitman's social neet (1897)

Baty, John:
John Baty manuscript tune book. (1840-1860)

Beamish photograph collection 1880-1932 (A collection of photographs of North-East composers, musicians and performers from the late nineteenth and early twentieth century.)

Tom Green, piper to the Duchess of Northumberland 1880
Tom Green, piper to the Duchess of Northumberland 1880
Cullercoats fishwives circa 1884<p>
Cullercoats fishwives circa 1884

Bell, John (b.1783 d.1864):
Collection of local songs and poems which have appeared in print and circulated in Newcastle upon Tyne and its neighbourhood. (1784-1831)

Bell, John (b.1783 d.1864):
Collection of local songs and poetical pieces many of them from the original manuscripts, relative to Newcastle upon Tyne and its neighbourhood which have come into the possession of John Bell, land surveyor, Gateshead. (1809-1857)

Bell, John (b.1783 d.1864):
Collection of the local tunes as played in Northumberland (ca.1812)

Bell, John (b.1783 d.1864):
Pitmen and keelmen. A curious collection of memoranda illustrative of the character and manners of, including an early edition of the Collier's Wedding, a number of songs etc., all neatly mounted or inlayed by Mr. Bell (1775-1850)

Blamire, Susanna (b.1747 d.1794):
Songs and poems by Miss Blamire, together with songs by her friend Miss Gilpin. (1866)

Bowness, W.:
Rustic studies, in the Westmorland dialect; with other scraps from the sketch book of an artist (1868)

Calder, Robert McLean (b.1841 d.1895):
Berwickshire bard (1897 )

Chater's annuals (1877-1879; 1882):
Local almanac including selections of local songs.

Chater's canny Newcassel diary and local remembrancer … [etc.]:
Local almanac including selections of local songs. (1872)

Chatt, George:
Miscellaneous poems (1866 )

Choice collection of Tyneside songs, by Wilson, Corvan, Mitford, Gilchrist, Robson, Harrison ... with the lives of the authors, illustrated with views of the town and portraits of the poets and eccentrics of Newcastle (1873)

Collection of broadsides from Tyne and Wear Archives (Mid to late 19th century song sheets and advertisements held by Tyne and Wear Archives)

Collection of original Newcastle songs, illustrative of the language and manners of the common people on the banks of the Tyne and neighbourhood (1823)

Collection of popular Newcastle songs, illustrative of the language and manners of the common people on the banks of the Tyne and neighbourhood. Part II. 1824

Corvan, Ned (b.1830? d.1865):
Corvan song book. Nos.1-4 (1857-1866 )

Corvan, Ned (b.1830? d.1865):
Random rhymes, being a collection of local songs and ballads, illustrative of the habits and character of the 'sons of coaly Tyne'. (1850)

Corvan, Ned (b.1830? d.1865):
Tyneside songs - Corvan (1850-1865)

Crawhall, Joseph (b.1821 d.1896):
Northumbrian music collected by Joseph Crawhall (1872)

Creswell, Marshall (b.1833):
Local and other songs, and recitations, etc. composed by Marshall Creswell, Dudley, Northumberland. With introductory autobiography. (1883)

Dunbar, William (b.1853? d.1874)
Local and other songs, recitations, and conundrums, a local tale etc. (1874)

Elliot, Robert:
Poems and recitations (A collection of poems and songs by Robert Elliot of Choppington 1877)

Empire violin collection of hornpipes:
19th century hornpipe collection (1870-1900)

Gibson, Alexander Craig:
Folk-speech of Cumberland and some districts adjacent; being short stories and rhymes in the dialects of the west border counties (1891)

Gilpin, Sidney:
Songs and ballads of Cumberland, to which are added dialect and other poems; with biographical sketches, notes, and glossary. (1866)

Green, John:
Tales and ballads of Wearside (1885)

Green, William Thomas:
Manuscript tune book of William Thomas Green (1831)
Manuscript tunebook of William Thomas Green - 1831
Manuscript tunebook of William Thomas Green - 1831
The William Hall manuscript - mid 19th century<p>
The William Hall manuscript - mid 19th century

Hall, John:
John Hall manuscript (1833)

Harrison, Rowland

Rowland Harrison's Tyneside Songs. (ca. 1871)

Hepple, Thomas:
Thomas Hepple manuscript (ca. 1855 )

Heslop, Richard Oliver:
Geordy's last, (Newcastle folk speech); with rhymes and introductory notes. (1879)

Hodgson, George B.:
Banks o' Tyne; a Christmas annual with list of local authorities and Tyneside local calendar (1899)

Keelmin's comic annewal … [etc.]:
Local almanac including selections of local songs. (1869;1871;1873)

Lister, William:
William Hall Lister manuscript tune book (1840-1860)

Local songs, sung by William Thompson, with great success, at the Oxford Music Hall, Newcastle 1866

Mackintosh, Abraham:
Collection of strathspeys, reels, jigs etc. (arranged as medleys) for the harp, piano forte, violin and violincello ... selected and composed by Abraham Mackintosh. Teacher of Dancing Newcastle upon Tyne. (Early 19th century)

Marshall, Thomas (d.1866):
Collection of original local songs by Thomas Marshall (1829)

Micellaneous broadsides (A collection of song sheets, with manuscript notes in the hand of John Bell held by Newcastle University - nineteenth century)

Newcastle songster; being a choice collection of songs, descriptive of the language and manners of the common people of Newcastle upon Tyne and the neighbourhood. Pts. 1-6 (ca.1812-ca.1826)

Newcastle songster; being a collection of curious and interesting local songs. No.5 - new series 1837-1841

Nichol, John:
John Nichol manuscript tune book. (1840-1900)

Odd collection of Odd songs, original, local and miscellaneous, as sung by Odd Fellows in the Newcastle lodges, and principally written by Odd members, of that Odd fraternity. 1825

Peacock, John (b.1754? d.1817):
Favorite collection of tunes with variations adapted for the Northumberland small pipes, violin or flute. (1800-1805)

Ridley, George (b.1835 d.1864):
George Ridley's new local song book (ca.1863 - one of only a handful of original Ridley songbooks left in existence!)

Ritson, Joseph (b.1752 d.1803):
Northern garlands (4 volumes of songs collected by Joseph Ritson in the late eighteenth/early nineteenth century and published under the collective title of 'The Northern Garlands' - 1810.)

Selkirk, James:
Selkirk's collection of songs and ballads for the people, original and select. (1853)

Sheldon, Frederick:
Minstrelsy of the English border; being a collection of ballads, ancient, remodelled, and original, founded on well known Border legends. With illustrative notes by Frederick Sheldon (1847)

Shields garland. Nos.1-3 1850-1860)

Shields song book, being a collection of comic and sentimental songs, never before published, written by gentlemen of the neighbourhood. (1826)

Society of Antiquaries:
Airs and dance tunes collected and constructed by the Melodies Committee of the Newcastle Antiquarian Society, 1857-1887

Songs and letters collected by T. and G. Allan. 1862-1891 (Song manuscripts, correspondence and broadsides collected for the publication of Allan's Tyneside Songs.)

Songs of the bards of the Tyne; or, a choice selection of original songs, chiefly in the Newcastle dialect. With a glossary of 800 words (1849)

Songs of the Tyne; being a collection of popular local songs. Nos.1-3 (1857-1866) (Popular Tyneside songs published in chapbook form.)

Songs of the Tyne; being a collection of popular local songs. Nos.1, 4-10 (ca.1846 )

Sum Tyneside sangs; a collection of prize songs, etc., in the Tyneside dialect (1898)

Surtees, C.J.:
C.J. Surtees manuscript tune book (1819 )

Topliffe, Robert:
Selection of the most popular melodies of the Tyne and the Wear consisting of 24 original airs peculiar to the counties of Durham and Northumberland, three of which are harmonized with appropriate words, symphonies and accompaniments and the remainder (ca.1815)

Gateshead cabinet, being a small collection of songs. (1816)

Tweddell, G.M.:
Rhymes and sketches to illustrate the Cleveland dialect (1892)

Tyneside songster, containing a splendid collection of local songs by popular authors in the Northumbrian dialect. 1881-1887

Warriner, F.:
Cumberland dialect reciter (date unknown)

Watson, Richard (b.1833 d.1891):
Poetical works of Richard Watson; with a brief sketch of the author. (1884)

Weams, James:
James Weams' Tyneside song book. Written and sung by himself in the principal music halls in the North. No.1

Wilson, Joe (b.1841 d.1875):
Joe Wilson's Tyneside songs, ballads and drolleries, pts. 1 & 2. (1864-1869)

Wilson, Thomas (b.1773 d.1858):
Pitman's pay, and other poems (1872)

Winship, Lionel:
Lionel Winship manuscript tune book (1833)
The Newcastle Songster circa 1812
The Newcastle Songster circa 1812



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