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Peter Kennedy recorded piccolo player and pig-keeper, Billy BALLANTINE, at Simonburn, near Wark in the North Tyne area of Northumberland in 1954, Billy was the source of many of the dance-tunes, published in Peter's FIDDLER'S TUNE BOOKS, and now played by Country Dance Bands, which Billy was anxious for future generations to enjoy. Included here are 18 tunes, with some speech-tracks about local musicians and dances

Star of the show must be the shepherd, Jimmy White, recorded shearing his sheep at Whittingham, who has equal fame at Folktrax for his dialect speech. Other singers are local farmers in the country supplemented with city concert singers: Fred Lawson with guitar and some of the most popular Tyneside songs and folklorist, Sylvia Moore, playing guitar accompanied by her Dutch husband, Bernard Broere on oboe and harpsichord.

A unique collection of bagpiping and whistle-playing recorded in 1954. One of the greatest exponents on the Northumbrian small pipes, champion Jack ARMSTRONG, plays some of his own slow airs, descriptive pieces, dance-tunes and variations on local airs. On Side B, his friend, Billy CONROY, a miner and a champion tin- whistler, plays some of his father's old tunes and his own "mine-shaft" variations on JOHN PEEL & talks about whistle techniques.

10 dances from Wharfedale are explained and the tunes played on the fiddle by 73-year old Peter Beresford, some being accompanied on the accordion by his son, George. 4 Swaledale dances are played by Kit White (melodeon), 7 from Teesdale by Mark Anderson (melodeon) with Tommy Beadle (fiddle) & Bob Beadle (piano and concertina). The rest of the album is devoted to Billy Pennock of Goathland, who fiddles away then stops and explains and hums 12 local dances and sings two songs: THE BONNY HAWTHORN and THE INDIAN LASS.

A complete "Barn Dance" programme played on traditional instruments - fiddles, melodeon, tin-whistle, piccolo, harmonica, jews harp - with Jack Armstrong's Barn Dance Band. Over 60 tunes recorded by Peter Kennedy in the Northumberland- Cumberland & Scottish Border district - featuring Marches, Quadrilles, Country Dances, Reels, Jigs, Schottisches, Polka-Mazurkas, Varsoviana, Ninepins, Spanish Waltzes, Heel and Toe and other Polkas, Circassian Circle, Ribbon Dance, Sylph, Strip the Willow, Ninepins etc.

Jack Armstrong plays small-pipes instrumentals and accompanies vocals from Isla Cameron and Bob Davenport, who also sings with The Rakes Band. This album contains the most characteristic songs and tunes from Northumbria, the ancient kingdom, which included what we now call Tyneside and Wearside in the County of Durham. Outstanding is Bob's stark recitation of CHEVY CHACE, after the Battle of Otterburn of 1388.


FRR006 A Grand Old Fashioned Dance Gordon Cutty's Band (1976)
New Colonial March; Punch and Judy Polka; Imperial Echoes; Golden Tango; BBC F March; Bloomefield; King Pippin; Speak Softly Love; Woodland Flowers; Butterflies in the Rain; RAF Marchpast; Belphegor March; Arena la Noche; Untitled Polka; Sweet Georgia Brown / Somebody Stole my Gal; Bluebell Polka; I wish You Love; Luxembourg Polka; Medley.


LEA 2069 Yorkshire Dales Dance Night The Beresford Band: Peter Beresford (electronic accordion), Mary Beresford (drums), John Wallbank (fiddle). (1979)
The Friendly Waltz; The Maxina; The Eva Three Step; Waltz Marie; Military Two Step; Doris Waltz; Royal Empress Tango; Breakaway Blues; St Bernard's Waltz.

LED 2071 The Rakes (1975)
Babes in the Wood / All the Way to Galway; The Dashing White Sargeant / The Bottom of the Punchbowl; Greensleeves / Harry Cox's / Carry Me Down to Carlow; The Geese in the Bog / The Butcher's March; Jimmy Garson's March; Jucy Farr's No 1 / No 2 Jigs; The Carraroe / Thje Mug of Brown Ale; The Honeysuckle / Pund Hill; Bold Reynolds / Gaelic Waltz; Maggie Pickens / Ma McNulty's; Jucy Farr's No 1 / No 2 Polkas; Molly in the Wood / Tralee Gaol / Maggie in the Wood.

LER 2088 Pal of My Cradle Days Bob Davenport, The Rakes, The Boldon Banjos. (1974)
Moving Day; Twelve Stone Two; Around the World; Alexander's Rag Time band; The Durham Clockmaker; Delilah; The Road and the Miles to Dundee; The Robert E Lee / California Here I Come; Wheel Your P'rambulator; Do You Want Your Old Lobby Washed Down?; If You Knew Susie / Yes Sir That's Mt Baby / How Ya Gonna keep 'em Down on the Farm; William Brown / He's Only The Village Postman / I Don't Work For a Living; Dream; The Kentucky Waltz / Pal of My Cradle Days.

LEA 4001 Jack Elliott of Birtley With booklet. (1969)
Little Chance; Broken Tanner / Jack's Choice (jews' harp); The Unlucky Duck; Broom's Reel / Rakes of Mallow (m/organ); Lassie Would Ye Lo'e Me?; The Silent Budgie (story); Golden Slippers / Poor Black Joe (banjo); The Blind Fool (Our Goodman); The Man With No watch (story); The Harren's Head; Rap Her to Bank / Jowl and Listen; Farewell to the 'Cotia; The Rowan Tree (m/organ); The Banks of the Dee; Parable of the Shekels; Irish Washerwoman / Father O'Flynn (m/organ); The Old Man / On Yon Bottle Bank / Just Before the Battle (children's songs); My Old Man; Stanley Market; Paddy McGinty's Goat / Highland Whisky / De'il Among the Tailors (m/organ); The Preacher and the Atheist (story); In the Bar Room.

LEA 4006 The Border Minstrel Billy Pigg - Northumbrian bagpipes. With booklet. (1972)
Hornpipes: The High Level / Biddleston / Carrick / I'll Get Wedded in My Auld Claes; Gentle Maiden . Lark in the Clear Air / Father O'Flynn; Skye Crofters / Dr McLeod of Alnwick / Mallorca; Madame Bonaparte / The Last of the Twins; King of the Pipers; Crookit Bawbee / Bill Charlton's Fancy; The Exhibition Hornpipe / Billy Pigg's Hornpipe / The Random Jig; The Wild Hills of Wannies / J R Pigg / Dargai; Happy Hours; There's Nae Guid Luck About the House (variations); Holey Hapenny.


F-3565 The Elliots of Birtley
A Musical Portrait of a Durham Mining Family (1961)

F-8776 British Isles: Music Anthologies
Borders: Songs and Dances of the Scottish-English Border (1960)

SFCD40473 Northumberland Rant Traditional Music from the Edge of England Various Artists (1999)
Billy Pigg: Archie's Fancy / Holey Ha'penny, Border Spirit, Skye Crofters, There's Nae Guid Luck about the House / High Level Hornpipe. Chris Ormston: Keening in the Wind / Alston Flower Show, Miss Hannah Ormston / Kate Elliot's Jig. The High Level Ranters: La Russe / The Winshields Hornpipe / Jane's Fancy / Da Road to Houll. Jack Armstrong: Rothbury Hills / Whittingham Green Lane / The Cott / Border Fray, Keel Row / Durham Rangers / Greencastle / Hesleyside Reel / Yankee Doodle. Willie Taylor: Murray River Jig / Roland and Cynthia Taylor / Alistair J Sim, Robertsons Reel / The Grand Chain, Nancy Taylor's Reel / The Pearl Wedding. Anthony Robb: I Saw My Love Come Passing By Me, Dargai, Lament for Ian Dickson. Willie Taylor, Joe Hutton and Will Atkinson: Dance de Chez Nous / Aunt Mary's Canadian / Neil Taylor's Jig. Pauline Cato: The Lady's Well / Randon / The Cliff. Wayne Robertson and Nigel Jelks: Torryburn Lasses / The Wandering Tinker / Marry Me Now / Mrs Wedderburn / The Randy Wives of Greenlaw. Joe Hutton: Speed The Plough. Colin Ross: Jock of Hazeldean / Gentle Maiden. Kathryn Tickell: Mr Nelson's Birthday Waltz.


12TS214. The Sound of the Cheviots. The Cheviot Ranters (1972):
Circassian Circle - part 1 / Rugley Ford / Hesleyside Reel / Redesdale Hornpipe / King of ther Fairies / Lads of Whickham / Bugle Horn / Farewell / Jackson’s Morning Brush / Northumbrian Waltz / Berwick Fair / Ma Bonny Lad / Keach in the Creel / Morpeth Rant / Banks of Coquet / Rob Roy’s Cave / Kirk’s Hornpipe / Cumberland Reel / Quayside Shaver / Geordie’s Jig / Corn Rigs / Dunstaburgh Castle / Goodnight and Joy / Bonnie Tyneside / Whittingham Green Lane / Drops of Brandy / Goswick Kirn / Old Drove Road / Circassian Circle - part 2 / Lannigan’s Ball / Ellingham Hall.

12TS219 Canny Newcassel. Ballads and songs from Newcastle and thereabouts. Various Artists (1972):
Canny Newcassel; Sandgate Girl’s Lament - Handle; Ross; Anderson; Gilfellon / Miller’s Wife of Blaydon - Handle; Ross / Ee Aye, as Cud Hew - Ed Pickford / Three Cows - Pete Elliott with chorus / Billy Boy - Billy Conroy whistle / Bonnie Gateshead Lass - Don Stokoe / My Lad’s a Canny Lad - Doreen Henderson / Till the Tide Comes In - Handle; Ross; Anderson; Gilfellon / Silly Galoot - Billy Conroy vocal / Fire on the Quay - Barry Canham with chorus and Handle; Ross / Billy Oliver’s Ramble - Barry Canham with Colin Ross fiddle / Jowl and Listen - Pete Elliott / Weary Cutter - Pete Elliott / Graveyard Shift - Les Pearson with Ross; Handle / Wylam Away - Colin Ross Northumbrian Pipes / Footy against the Wall - Tom Gilfellon with Ross; Handle; Anderson / My Old Man’s a Dustman - Bruce Elliott / Four and Twenty Bob - Billy Conroy vocal / Blaydon Races; Keep Your Feet Still, Geordie Hinny - Handle; Ross; Anderson; Gilfellon.

12TS222 The Cheviot Hills. The Cheviot Ranters:
My Love She’s But a Lassie Yet / Caddam Woods / Rose Tree / Sylph / Hermitage / Bryce Anderson / Roxburgh Castle (original) / Sheffield Hornpipe / Mallorca (Northumberland Waltz) / Cheviot Hills / I Have Seen the Rose Blow / Winster Gallop / Teribus / Jimmy Allen / Jack Thompson’s Fancy / Newcastle / Nancy / Molly’s Fancy / Perfect Cure / Stool of Repentence / Linton Ploughman / Road to the Isles / Roamin’ in the Gloamin’ / Show Me the Way to go Home / Danish Double Quadrille / Blaydon Races / Keep You Feet Still Geordie Hinny / Wherever Ye Can Yer Sure tae Find a Geordie

12TS227 Wild Hills O' Wannie. The Small Pipes of Northumbria. George Atkinson. Diana Blackett-Ord, Tommy Breckons, Cohn Caisley, Forster Charlton, Joe Hutton, Billy Pigg:
The Morpeth Rant (PIGG); Skye Crofters/The Swallow ‘a Tail (PIGG); Sir Sidney Smith’s March (BRECKONS); The Barrington Hornplpe (ATKINSON); Blow the Wind Southerly (BLACKETT-ORD); Lovat Scouts/Roxborough Castle/Bonny North Tyne/Alston Flower Show (HUTTON); The Navvy on the Line/The Friendly Visit/Remember Me/Biddy the Bold Wife/Lamb Sklnnet/De’ll Amang the Tailors (ATKINSON); Londonderry Hornpipe/Boys of the Blue Hills/Corn Rigs/Harvest Home (BLACKETT-ORD); The Blackthorn Sticki Biddy the Bold Wife (HUTTON); The Holey Ha’penny (PIGG); The Humours of Bandon/Saddle the Pony (HUTTON); Noble Squire Dacre (CAISLEY & CHARLTON); Rowley Burn Hornpipe (HUTTON); The Wild Hills o’ Wannie (PIGG); Westering Home (BLACKETT-ORD); The Midlothian Pipe Band/Charlie Hunter (HUTTON); The Lark in the Clear Air (PIGG); Fenwick o’Bywell (BRECKONS); Variations on ‘Oh Dear, What Can the Matter Be’ (ATKINSON); The Gypsy’s Lullaby/The Hawk/ Memories/Coates Hall (PIGG); Salmon Tails up the Water/The Herd on the Hill/Sweet Hesleyside (CAISLEY & CHARLTON)

12TS239 Bonny North Tyne. Joe Hutton; Billy Atkinson; George Hepple, John Armstrong.
The Rowan Tree / Jock of Hazeldean / Sir Sydney Smith’s March / Drink to me Only / Will Yo No Come Back Again, etc.

12TS245. Cheviot Barn Dance. The Cheviot Ranters:
Dashing White Sergeant / Rakes of Mallow / Catherine’s Reel / Call of the Pipes / Sweet Maid of Glendaruch / Earl of Mansfield / Nottingham Swing: Marquis o’Lorne / Showman’s Fancy / Beggar Boy / Military Two Step: I Do Like to be Beside the Seaside / Here We Are Again / Mademoiselle from Armentiers / Hello, Hello Who’s Your Lady Friend? / Swedish Masquerade / Lucky Seven / Toland Dance / Aiken Drum / La Russe / Good Humour / Come Let Us Dance and Sing / Keel Row / There’s Nae Much Luck About the House / Castles in the Air / Bridge of Athlone / Pet of the Pipers / Smash the Windows / CircleWaltz / I Belong to Glasgow / Oh Oh Antonio / Peggy O’Beill / Cheviot Rant / Cloudy Crags / Traditional Air / Polka: the Brownieside Polka.

12TS267 Northumbrian Country Music. Morpeth Rant.Billy Atkinson mouth organ, Alan Coulson piano accordion, Martin Dunn piccolo, Tommy Edmondson accordion, Jimmy Pallister fiddle. Geoff Puryls fiddle:
Morpeth Rant/Miss Gayton’s Hornpipe/Kathleen’s Fancy /Morpeth Rant (EDMONDSON); A M Shinnie / The Hogmanay Jig/Elizabeth Adair (ATKINSON); Lalrd o’ Thrums/Iron Man/Laird o’ Drumblair (PALLISTER); Medley of Scott Skinner Waltzes including Our Highland Queen/Piper’s Wait (COULSON & PURVIS); Kinclaven Brig/Bill Sutherland (DUNN); The Glen AIn/The Redeside (ATKINSON); The Crusader’s March (ATKINSON); Bill Charlton ‘a Fancy/Madam Bonaparte (PURVIS & COULSON); Doctor Angus (EDMONDSON); The Beeswlng with variations (DUNN); Jimmy Allen/The Girl with the Blue Dress On (PALLISTER); The Cheviot Hills (PALLISTER); Crossing the Minch/Banjo Breakdown (COULSON); Latham Ladies (COULSON & PURVIS); Farewell to the Creeks (ATKINSON); Untitled Waltz (ATKINSON); The Farewell with variations (DUNN)
12TS267 Northumbrian Country Music. Morpeth Rant.Billy Atkinson mouth organ, Alan Coulson piano accordion, Martin Dunn piccolo, Tommy Edmondson accordion, Jimmy Pallister fiddle. Geoff Puryls fiddle:
Morpeth Rant/Miss Gayton’s Hornpipe/Kathleen’s Fancy /Morpeth Rant (EDMONDSON); A M Shinnie / The Hogmanay Jig/Elizabeth Adair (ATKINSON); Lalrd o’ Thrums/Iron Man/Laird o’ Drumblair (PALLISTER); Medley of Scott Skinner Waltzes including Our Highland Queen/Piper’s Wait (COULSON & PURVIS); Kinclaven Brig/Bill Sutherland (DUNN); The Glen AIn/The Redeside (ATKINSON); The Crusader’s March (ATKINSON); Bill Charlton ‘a Fancy/Madam Bonaparte (PURVIS & COULSON); Doctor Angus (EDMONDSON); The Beeswlng with variations (DUNN); Jimmy Allen/The Girl with the Blue Dress On (PALLISTER); The Cheviot Hills (PALLISTER); Crossing the Minch/Banjo Breakdown (COULSON); Latham Ladies (COULSON & PURVIS); Farewell to the Creeks (ATKINSON); Untitled Waltz (ATKINSON); The Farewell with variations (DUNN)

12TS270 The Collier Lad. Johnnie Handle:
Collier Lad / Dust / Durham Big Meetin’ Day / Old Man of the Village / New Spotlight / Farewell to the Monty / Stottin’ Doon the Waal / Is There Owt Secure / Old Pubs / Decorating / Fearless Mariner / Danny’s.

12TS271/2. The Bonnie Pit Laddie. The High Level Ranters with Harry Boardman and Dick Gaughan (DLP - 1975):
Doon the Waggon Way / Miner’s Life / I Wish Pay Friday Would Come / Augengeich Disaster / Collier’s Rant / Farewell to the Monty / Putter / Little Chance / My Gaffer’s Bait / Coal Owner and the Pitman’s Wife / Blackleg Miner / Miners’ Lockout / South Medomsley Strike / Durham Lockout / Aa’m Glad the Strike’s Done / Collier’s Pay Week / I’ll Have a Collier / Instrumental Selection / I’ll Make Her Fain to Follow Me / Joyful Days are Coming / Get Her Bo / Stoneman’s Song / Hartley Calamity / Bonnie Woodha’ / Banks of the Dee / The Bonnie Pit Laddie (vocal).

12TS278 Cut and Dry Dolly. Collection of Northumbrian pipe tunes featuring Alistair Anderson:
Sunderland Lasses / Lads of Alnwick / All the Night I Lay With Jockie / Peacock Followed the Hen / Jack Layton / Green Breckons / Bob and Jones / Kiss Her Under the Coverlet / Cuckold Came Out of the Amrey / Cuddly Claw’d Her / Holme’s Fancy / Stagshaw Bank Fair / Lasses Pass the Brandy / Cut and Dry Dolly / John Fenwick’s the Flower Among Them / Over the Border / Pheasant’s Dance / Rusty Gully / Keelman Over the Land / I Saw My Love Come Passing By Me / My Laddie Sits O’er Late Up / Shew’s the Way to Wallington / Drops of Brandy.

12TS282 In the Middle of the Tune. Tom Gilfellon with Martin Carthy; Johnny Handle; Liz ans Stefan Sobell (1976):
Banks of Red Roses / Boys of Ballysadare / Worker’s Song / Celebrated Working Man / Uncle Albert’s Last Heroic Farewell to the World / Lady Ann Montgomery (reel) / Wind that Shakes the Barley / Foxhunter’s (reel) / Snow it Melts the Soonest / Bonnie Gateshead Lass / Thomas Friel’s Jig / Battering Ram / Two Sisters / Row in the Gutter / Fiery Clockface / Johnny Miner.

12T283 Holey Ha'penny. Various Artists.
Tom Clough: Ho'ley Ha'Penny, Elsie Marley / The Keel Row. Jim Rutherford: Morpeth Rant. Billy Ballantine: Proudlock's Hornpipe / Billy Ballantine's Reel / Bonny North Tyne / Mosstrooper's Polka / The Coquet Reel. Ned Pearson: Father's Polka / Schottische / Varsoviana (Old and New) / Highland Laddie / Heel and Toe Polka / The Pin Reel - jig / Cambo March. Joe Hutton: My Lodging is on Cold Ground, Bonnie Dundee / Roxburgh Castle, Devil among the Tailors. Adam Gray: The Roman Wall / Tom Hepple's Polka (The Girl with the Blue Dress On) / The Tow House Polka. Bob Clark: Corn Rigs, The Manchester Hornpipe. Willy Taylor: The Linchhope Lope / Willy Taylor's Polka / Nae Good Luck - jig. George Hepple: The Ferry Boat. Tom Hunter, Billy Ballantine: The Gilsland Hornpipe. Jake Hutton, Tom Hunter, Billy Ballantine: The Kielder Schottische. Billy Ballantine, Jimmy Hunter: Schottische / My Lodging's on Cold Ground, Blow the Wind Southerly. John & George Hepple: Whittingham Green Lane/ Ward's Brae / Malorca, Herd on the Hill, Devil among the Tailors

12TS297 Ranting Lads. The High Level Ranters (1976):
Fairly Shot of Her / Wife of My Own / Dance to your Daddy / Lass Doon on the Quay / Kielder Hunt / Alston Flower Show / Jane of Biddlestone / Fortune Turns the Wheel / Fenwick of Bywell / Elsie Marley / Hoop Her and Gird Her / Captain Bover / Here’s the Tender Coming / Success to the Fleet / Proudlock’s Hornpipe / Hesleyside Reel / Stanley Market / Marquis of Waterford / Bottle Bank / Hawk.

12TS318 Postcards Home. Bob Davenport:
Byker Hill / Blackleg Miner / Durham Gaol Selection: Gypsy Poacher / Durham Gaol / First Time I Saw Durham City / Ball of Yarn / Breaking Sticks / Wait till the Work Comes Round / Winter Time is Coming In / Old Changing Ways / When a Man Looks Pale / There’s Nae Much Luck About the House / We Plough and Sow / Get Up, Stand Up / Once I Had As a True Love / Lowlands / My Bonnie Lad / Great Little Army March / Unemployed Men Stand on the Corner / McCafferty / I Don’t Want to Join the Army / House is Crammed / Good Morning Good Morning / Our Soldiers Went to War / If I Was Fierce / If You Want to Find the Colonel / They Didn’t Believe Me / Have You Forgotten Yet / When this Bloody War is Over.

12TS350 Bob Davenport and the Rakes (1977) :
With my Love on the Road / Wild Colonial Boy / Ploughboy Lad / Man in the Moon / Patsy Geary’s / Peeler and the Goat / Princess Royal / Lake of Coolfin / Jealous Sailor / Jealous Heart / Keep Your Feet Still Geordie Hinnie / Three Men Went A-Hunting / Country Dance / Three Around Three / Dowie Dens of Yarrow / McCusker’s No. 1 (polka) / McCusker’s No. 2 (polka) / Jenny Lind / Slievegallion Braes / Star of the County Down / Old Green River

2TS371 Corby Crag. Alistair Anderson:
Hawk Polka / Thrunton Woods / Keelman’s Petition / Tipp Staff / La Fille de Lyon / Cotillion des Marionettes / Blake’s Hornpipe / President Garfield’s Hornpipe / Bonnie Broom Hill / Felton Ionnin / Kirden Fair / Tich Richardson’s Favourite / Hey to the Camp / Brosehill / Alistair Andeson’s Favourite / Old French / Belfast Hornpipe / Prize Potato / Trip to Carlisle / Corby Crag / Ali Anderson / Henry Atkinson / Blayton Flats / Whittingham Games / James Brown / Derwent Water’s Bonnie Lord / Bride’s Favourite / Remember Me / Left Handed Fiddler / Geld Him Lasses, Geld Him / Uncle John / Darkening.

12TS388 Four in a Bar. The High Level Ranters:
Whinham’s Jig / Billy’s Jig / Chips and Shavings / Jack’s Alive / Dear Tobacco / Town Green Polka / Jenny Bell / Biddlestone Hornpipe / Last of the Twins / Ruby / Quarrelsome Piper / Rowly Burn / Coates Hornpipe / La Russe / Whinshield’s Hornpipe / Jane’s Fancy / Da Road to Houll / Blinkin’ Tibbie / Pear Tree / Swalwell Lassies / South Shields Lassies / Moonshine Polka / Quayside / Miss Ward’s Reel / Butterclout / Such a Wife as Willie Had / Willy is a Bonny Lad.

12TS413 Cut and Dry No. 2. Cut and Dry Band:
Barrington Hornpipe / Glen Ain / Wild Hills of Wannies / Swallow’s Tail / Jim Hall’s Fancy / Breamish / Random Jig / Archie’s Fancy / Little Hennie / Lea Rig / Sir Sydney Smith’s March / Mrs Elder / Dr. Whittaker’s Hornpipe / Nancy / Nae Guid Luck Aboot the Hoose / Oh Dear, What Can the Matter Be / East Neuk of Fife / Locomotive / South Shore / Bonnie Woodside / Coffee Bridge.

12TS427 Steel Skies. Alistair Anderson:
First Light / Rhymeside 1 / Mountain Stream / Rhymeside 3 / Road to the North / Clennel Street / Franklin River / Air of Maurice Ogg / Jumping Jack / Green Ginger / Ironbridge / Eynhallow / In Trim / Mount Hooley / Lemington Bank / Kestral / High Force / Dog Leaps Stairs / Hot Rivets / Seven Gate Road / When the Frosts are Setting In / East Winds / Millstream / Centenary Pack / Rhymeside 2.

12TS434 Border Spirit. The High Level Ranters:
Billy’s Jig / Gan to the Kye / Border Spirit / Felton Ionnin / Wallington Hall / Foxhunter’s / King’s Hall / John of Carrick / Bellington Show / Coilsfield House / Thom’s March / Canny Shepherd Laddies / Surprise / Kielder Fells / Billy’s Reel.


VT124 In That Beautiful Dale South West Yorkshire Songs. Will Noble.
Swaledale; The Poor Old Weaver's Daughter; The Suckling Pig; The Death of Poor Bill Brown; Madge; Johnny Sands; The Squire of Tamworth; The Mistletoe Bough; The Nobleman and the Thresherman; Come on, Come on; The Nutting Girl; Nellie O'Bobs; At the Cross; The Christmas Goose; It Was Night and the Moon Illuminated the Sky; Merry Mountain Child.


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