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Programme Eight

Willy Taylor, Billy Atkinson, Joe Hutton and George Hepple - Wallsend Concert

Recorded at the Anson, Wallsend on the 23rd November 1979, by Phil Ranson, this collection of recordings is taken from a rare concert featuring four of the most respected Northumbrian musicians of that era. Performing we hear George Hepple - fiddle, Willy Taylor - fiddle, Billy Atkinson, mouth organ and Joe Hutton smallpipes. Whilst most of the recordings are of solo performances there are three recordings which feature all the musicians playing together, a duet from Billy Atkinson and Joe Hutton and two glorious combinations featuring Joe Hutton or Willy Taylor accompanied by George Hepple, who playing some elegant second part variations.

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Programme Eight - Playlist

  1. Silver Star/McLeod and McKie/Storrers -Willy Taylor
  2. Farmer's Jamboree/Canadian Fourstep/J.C.L.Harman -Willy Taylor
  3. J.B.Milne/New High Level Hornpipe -Billy Atkinson
  4. Champagne Charlie -Billy Atkinson
  5. Hexham Races/The Stool of Repentance -Billy Atkinson
  6. Marquis of Lorne/Proudlock's/Friendly Visit -Joe Hutton
  7. Saddle the Pony/Biddy the Bowl Wife -Joe Hutton
  8. Sheffield/Shipley's/Liddell's/Miss Thompson?s Hornpipes -George Hepple
  9. Unknown Tune -George Hepple
  10. Unknown Air -George Hepple
  11. Fiddle Duet -Willy Taylor (1st), George Hepple (2nd)
  12. A.M.Shinnie/Hogmanay Jig/Elizabeth Adair -All
  13. Boys of Blue Hill/The Minstrel's Fancy -All
  14. The McNeils of Ugadale/Mardile/Maids of Kintail -Willy Taylor
  15. Hebridean Polka/Man from Skye/Redonda Beach -Willy Taylor
  16. Unknown Waltz -Billy Atkinson
  17. Dunphy's/The Quarrelsome Piper/Green Castle -Joe Hutton
  18. Crawley Dene -Joe Hutton
  19. I'll get wedded in My Auld Claes -Joe Hutton
  20. The Poppy Leaf Hornpipe/Key West -George Hepple
  21. unknown/unknown/Left Handed Fiddler/unknown -George Hepple
  22. Brochan Lom/unknown/unknown -All
  23. Ye Banks and Brays/the Herd on the Hill (Clough) -Joe Hutton (1st), George Hepple (2nd)
  24. Andrew's March (J.Dagg) -Joe Hutton, Billy Atkinson
  25. Harvest Home - All
All selections digitally remastered from original archive recordings for the FARNE project, (c) FARNE Project 2002-2004



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