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Programme One

Phil Ranson Recordings

Programme One features a selection of recordings taken from a collection of reel-to-reel tapes made by librarian Phil Ranson. A well known local musician, Phil's interests covered many aspects of traditional music making. As well being a fine singer of local songs, he also played the banjo and enjoyed Cajun music. His early death left a gaping hole in the local music scene.

Phil Ranson left behind a large personal archive, this includes copies of historical manuscripts, lecture notes and sound recordings. Among the reel-to-reel tapes are concert recordings of important traditional musicians, local folk club performers and examples of local songs and dance melodies. Performers included on this programme include, Will Atkinson, John Armstrong of Carrick, George Hepple, Jack Elliott and Billy Conroy.

Although Phil Ranson made most of the recordings in his collection himself, this recording, in common with several others in the collection, was transcribed from original recordings made by North East Folk Federation Collecting Project.

This programme is available in Mp3 or RealAudio format. Because it plays in it's own stand alone player you can browse and listen at the same time.

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Programme One - Playlist

  1. Hi Canny Man Hoy A Ha'penny Oot - Reece Elliott
  2. The Travelling Candy Man - Reece Elliott
  3. There Was A man - Reece Elliott
  4. J. B. Milne/New High Level Hornpipe - Billy Atkinson
  5. Da Tushkar Reel - Billy Atkinson
  6. Glen Aln/Redeside Hornpipes - Billy Atkinson
  7. The Canny Shepherd Laddies O'Th'Hills - Jimmy White
  8. Hindley Steel Hornpipe - John Armstrong
  9. Irish Hornpipe - John Armstrong
  10. Shield's Hornpipe - John Armstrong
  11. Whinshields Hornpipe - George Hepple
  12. Newcastle Hornpipe - George Hepple
  13. Fishers Hornpipe - John Armstrong
  14. Coquet Lights - George Hepple
  15. Little Hennie - George Hepple
  16. Little Chance - Jack Elliott
  17. John Peel - Billy Conroy
  18. Geordies Jig - George Hepple
  19. Bracken Rig - George Hepple
  20. Where Are Ye Gannin? - Jack & Em Elliott
  21. Warks Burn Waltz - George Hepple
  22. The Putter - Jack Elliott
  23. Collier's Rant - Jack Elliott
  24. Redesdale Hornpipe - Billy Conroy
All selections digitally remastered from original archive recordings for the FARNE project, (c) FARNE Project 2002-2004



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